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Injection moulding solution:


GEZMEC offers an all-electric injection moulding machine in its portfolio that consolidates high yield and vitality productivity with an incredibly conservative machine configuration, guaranteeing the least conceivable unit costs even in a tidy up room condition. Among every single electric machine available, our answer depends on machines of the new age that are the most reduced worldwide in their separate execution section over the whole arrangement.


GEZMEC supplies production cells that are precisely tailored to the application and include solutions for digitalization and networking in addition to the injection moulding machine and automation.


Metal cutting solution:


We at GEZMEC have always strived to innovate and introduce newer concepts to work towards enhanced benefits to our customers in particular and users of Cutting tools/Machine tools by and large.


After-sales service plays an important role for capital equipment manufacturers. A strong after-sales service capability goes a long way in increasing revenues due to repeat orders from satisfied clients. We have a strong sales and service network. We regularly arrange training for our service team in order to improve their competence. We encourage our customers to avail regular preventive maintenance and annual maintenance contracts. GEZMEC can quickly arrange spares and consumables in order to improve our service turnaround time.




Competitive pricing


Pricing is one of the most important components when it comes to marketing purchase strategies. The price is one of the first things that a customer notices about a product and is one of the deciding factors when it comes to their decision to buy it or not. GEZMEC well understood this customer behavior and hence one of our strategies is to focus on competitive pricing but not the lowest pricing.


The excellent price-performance ratio of our machines creates the best platform for the highest possible production efficiency and a competitive edge right from the inception. Our vast sales experiences add more value to all our customers not only by cutting down their capital equipment expenses but also by deriving the best return on investment (ROI).

Lowest service cost:

Effective machinery management is essential to maintaining profitability in production. The cost of maintenance destroys your capital investment returns. The smart business owner buys equipment that needs little maintenance and ensures that the business’ design, maintenance, operating and procurement policies and practices all work toward having long-running, long-lived, never-failing plants.

GEZMEC always tries to reduce equipment expenses by helping clients keep uptime high, keep maintenance costs low, and extend machines’ useful life through very transparent policies on replacement parts.  “Whether our customers operate three or 300 pieces of machinery, the basic principles of minimizing equipment service and repair costs are the same.

We also work with and train equipment operators, mechanics and maintenance supervisors in developing more cost-effective maintenance programs. As a result, our clients reduce maintenance costs 25 percent to 50 percent or more.


High availability:

The highly needed production system maintenance, the continuous manufacturing dynamics because of the high market demand, the relevance of plant protection due to the expensive asset configuration, as well as its complex use and the optimization of energy sources at the processes –electricity, gas, steam, air, cooling–, make of high availability the most suitable answer to the challenges currently faced by every industry.

We aim to provide a high availability of our machinery to all our customers. An unscheduled shutdown due to machinery failures can involve serious implications for the business. These implications can be tangible or intangible and each of them has a different impact, with consequences such as loss of reputation for the company, high penalties, loss of a complete production batch, or in some sectors it could even put into risk human lives.

GEZMEC strategically ensures high availability emerging as a response to this dependency, ensuring that machinery is operative for the users, anytime and with no interruptions.

Customer service - A customer delight

By going above and beyond to create a memorable customer experience — with things like discounts, gifts, promotion, or spontaneous outreach — GEZMEC fosters an emotional connection and sense of goodwill among customers that make our existing more loyal to our business on a long-term basis.

Delight is about providing a remarkable experience to all our customers by focusing on their needs, interests, and wishes. The goal of delight is to leave all our customers so satisfied and happy that they go out and sing the praises of our business association.

We focus the following to keep all our customer delighted:

  • Help our customers succeed

  • Listen to customer feedback

  • Be timely and responsive to customer

  • Solve for the present problems and build the future business relationship

Competitive Pricing
Lower Service Cost
High Availability
Customer Service
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