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Our vision is to be the best solution provider in machine tool products, providing our customers with high-quality machinery and creative solutions that will allow their firms' to prosper while contributing to the economy.

Collectively our team at Gezmec Tech believes and portrays these values:

  • Teamwork

  • Passion

  • Integrity

About Gezmec Tech:

Gezmec Tech is a young and vibrant company founded by a group of professionals with  25+ years of rich experience in handling machinery and capital equipment requirements for metal cutting and plastics industries with various associations.
Gezmec's strong partnership with OEMs in metal cutting and plastic injection molding industries is one of our major strengths to contribute our longterm business association with each and every customer.  We import the best quality machine apparatuses from different OEM's over the globe with problem-free co-ordinations and documentation forms and subsequently offer total true serenity to all our significant clients. 
All our well-trained engineers are the best in not only commissioning the machinery but also maintaining the same throughout the life cycle of the equipment. They provide regular preventive maintenance during the warranty period and post-warranty period support through Annual Maintenance Contracts ( AMC ).



Our Strategy:


The cost is one of the primary things that a client sees about a capital item and is one of the central variables with regards to their choice to get it or not.

Effective machinery management is essential to maintaining profitability in production. The expense of upkeep obliterates the capital speculation returns.

The highly needed production system maintenance, the continuous manufacturing dynamics because of the high market demand,

By going well beyond to make an essential client experience — with things like limits, endowments, advancement, or unconstrained effort — Gezmec cultivates

Customer delight

Competitive pricing

Lowest service cost

High availability

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